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We’re expanding!!

Hi everyone! So I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. The point of the name of this blog, ‘Life About the House’, was to share progress about life and houses. So I am expanding the blog to cover just that!

When I left teaching in 2017, it was a real leap of faith into the world of property investment. I had to be all in or else it would be too easy to get scared and go back. (It’s still scary, but I haven’t gone back!)

There are still times now I have doubt, get overwhelmingly anxious and think myself into a worry pit. However, I never doubt what property can do for you, and I never doubt that we will make it. I just don’t give us that option.

But there are so many things I am going to have to level up for this year, so I am going to share the process, because they are all inter-connected. I doubt that any of us have so much free time when we are starting out, that our days are blissful moments of zen or solely free to be dedicated to business and only business!

The year ahead

We are re-designing and renovating our entire home this year, we are planning a wedding and paying for it through a flip, plus I am making everything for it. The honeymoon is on our vision board and we want to have property paying for that too. I need to lose some weight for the dress and I have started yoga to help with my mental well being and lower back pain. Plus we have signed up to do a half marathon (me) and the London marathon (Matt). And these are in addition to our business growth goals and usual life tasks. Even writing that down makes my heart beat a little faster.

For some of you, your stories will be similar, or you will have your own priorities to balance, having children, work, commitments and trying to create a business alongside.

We can do this!!!

Every week I am going to share the business side and the life side in separate posts. They are interconnected, but for my own mental space and writing, I am going to put things in zones. I will be sharing what we develop to manage time, challenges we face and the wins too.

Lets get rid of the excuses and know we deserve what we want!

For those of you out there who are feeling a bit overwhelmed, un-motivated or lost, I’ve got your back. We have all been there, tough love doesn’t work for me, but you will have to dig deep and figure out what you’re doing this for. Anyone can shout you into action, but for the change to be there at your core, you have to want it yourself. It’s not always comfortable, but that’s ok and good. We don’t achieve everything we are capable of when we are comfy.

Lets build each other up not compare and tear ourselves down!

Maybe you’re on a weight loss mission but can’t seem to give up the biscuits, (me), or you have signed up for a run and can’t really run (also me). Is your wedding on the horizon and you want it to be on budget but also look amazing?

You will probably be interested and invested in learning more about property if you already read this blog, so you may be on your way to getting your first property deal, or wanting to scale your business. Maybe you just want to know there are other people out there who are juggling it all, making mistakes and growing.

I would love to hear what big goals and events you have got on this year?


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