Competition. Driving Force, The Un-Motivator or The Comparison Starter?

Hi Everyone! I hope your weeks are going well and you have avoided the bugs and illnesses that seem to be doing the rounds! This week it’s got me, bad times. But in the midst of sneezing, I have been thinking this week about competition. More the question, are you competitive?

How do you define competition?

What does this mean to you? I am not naturally competitive, well at least I didn’t think I was. I don’t have to win games, I’m pretty useless at sport and the typical things that require a level of competitiveness; I’m really not that bothered by. I think I have always been internally competitive, I am fuelled by being better for myself rather than to gloat over the heads of others, but are they just one in the same?

Maybe I am just not competitive about the things I think are pretty trivial. But, I have noticed lately, that it is all about mindset. What competition can do for you is based purely on your approach. Are you in ‘lack’ mode or ‘abundance’ mode? This simple question will show you some home truths.

If competition scares you

When you view competition as a direct attack on how successful you can be, or are; I think this comes from a place of fear. At least I know it is for me when I am not using competitiveness wisely. Some examples of this may be that you view what others are doing and then believe that you can’t do it too. Or because they are doing it, there won’t be room for you too. You’re not as good as them, they must have a secret formula that you don’t etc. You get my point.

When you are using competition to drive yourself out of the game, you are fear based. If you don’t catch this and flip it round in your mind, it will turn to envy, bitterness and negative self talk. Sometimes when I read things and in truth I know I can identify, it can be painful or you may initially reject it and become defensive. What I have found, is that if you can own the negative traits you can sometimes have, you can change them.

When competition drives you

If you can develop your own sense of self worth and belief, you can use competition as energy and possibility. For the doubters, you can see that it is possible. Proof, that if you follow the steps and stick at it long enough, you can achieve too. That’s not to say that you are imitating someone else, it just shows you that if someone else can do it, there is no reason why you can’t too. Competition, if channelled in a healthy way can open up possibility; that in itself can be a huge motivator. When you build yourself up and solely concentrate on that, what others are doing, doesn’t really affect you.

The comparison competitor

There is having a drive to win and there is having a desire to be ‘better than everyone,’ where is the line? Is it the same thing? A sports competitor has a drive to win and that, in turn is fuelled by the want to be better. It drives them to train harder, longer and do more than the competition. It is the same in business.

However, for some, it really is like the child with the toy scenario. The toy has been left on the floor, unwanted for about 5 hours, child A now sees value in the toy and starts to play, child B now HAS to have it.

Does this come back to a fear based competitor, the fear of missing out on something. Missing an opportunity that they hadn’t seen before. Missing out on an opportunity to prove you are able to do something better than someone else to boost your own self esteem? Or is it chasing after what others deem to be valuable because you haven’t identified what is valuable to you?

Are you competitive?

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