5 Thoughts To Re-Charge Our Minds And Business


This week I found it difficult to narrow down content for one blog post. You know the saying, “coming along like buses”? When everything comes in at once; that has been the last couple of weeks. In our business we are in the last stages of refurbishing our flip, which you can see in my recent post¬†http://lifeaboutthehouse.com/flip-project-renovations-part-two/ , I have just got the keys for a flip property that I am project managing and another has just come in for a buy to let flat. We are re-financing our HMO and we have been working with the Architect on our own house, not to mention normal life.

I have had the pleasure of meeting a great new group of people over the weekend, all with the mindset of developing property knowledge and making progress forward. There is so much value to be taken from talking to people, sharing experiences and making the commitment to learn. So this week, I wanted to talk about reflection and planning. 

We went out for dinner with friends and we were just sharing and catching up on life. No competition, no bragging and Matt started to talk about what had happened this year, it wasn’t until I heard him recalling our experiences this year (good and bad), that I truly heard and felt what he keeps trying to remind me all the time. We are working really hard, making progress and building our foundations. We may not have hit every target, but we have achieved so much and persevered at times where others may have given up.

So this week I just wanted to share 5 thoughts with you, that have helped us keep on, keeping on.

You have the power to change course

What a simple yet freeing thought. If something isn’t working, if something needs to change, we can adapt and move forward. Sometimes, we can be blinkered by not seeing the possibility of alternatives. There is a difference between flitting between ideas and not committing to any, and sitting down with your business plan, assessing your next move and getting creative with ways to get to the goal. We don’t have to stay stuck.

You can choose a new beginning at any point

I listened to Brendon Burchard’s podcast and this was a mental game changer. Keeping energy high can be a test when you are tired, sad, un-motivated, the list goes on. But, energy is as Brendan talks about, one of the ultimate high performance habits. I would urge you to read his book, High Performance Habits.

He discussed the idea of starting over. This thought alone helped me massively. When things don’t pan out, or if things just aren’t working; we can view it as an opportunity for a new beginning and fresh start. This is a very simple concept, but a powerful one. There is a natural energy and excitement when you start a new project you’re passionate about. It’s when we feel that things aren’t going our way that the energy drops. This year we have tried lots of things that haven’t worked, after a while the sense of failure is draining. But after hearing this, I just thought, it’s fine, we can draw a line under it and can have a fresh start. I promise, this is a far more motivating and rejuvenating approach than holding on to the mental baggage of mistakes and struggles.

Face It

If you know the work of Brian Tracy, you may have heard his concept of eating frogs. Not literally I am happy to report, but metaphorically speaking, eating a big, fat yucky frog of a task. We all have them, hopping around our houses, minds, businesses. I have things that sit heavy in my head, like a mental weight and the only way to relieve it, is to do it.

I will never understand why we as humans will willingly hold onto something that is unhelpful or bad for us. But I get caught in the procrastination trap like everyone else! One thing I will promise you about starting out in your business, ignoring whatever challenge you are facing will not help at all. If you have made a mistake, find a solution. If you have a deadline, meet it. If you need help, ask.

Review and Improve

We learned a lot about our refurbishments by making mistakes. Our later projects have gone better because of it. Making mistakes isn’t a bad thing, repeating those mistakes over and over is avoidable. Review what has gone well and build on it, review what hasn’t worked and learn from it. If we don’t take time to review our progress and evaluate, we miss opportunities to improve.

You deserve a life

Everyone has their opinion on this and I am just throwing mine into the mix here. Yes we need to work hard, yes to get results you have to put the work in; but what is all of this for if we burn ourselves out and stop enjoying our current life? I was so guilty of this and my mental health suffered. This isn’t about allowing yourself 5 hours a day to watch TV, it is about making sure that you look after yourself and hold onto the things that bring genuine happiness. Our future lives aren’t promised, just make sure that you don’t lose sight of the most important parts of your life. I bet for 99% of us, it isn’t money!










2 thoughts on “5 Thoughts To Re-Charge Our Minds And Business

  1. Emily Ellice says:

    Hi! I just wanted to say I’m loving reading your blog, I’ve been binge reading it since I discovered it a couple of days ago. However this particular article is singing loudly to me right now. We’re right at the beginning of our property investing careers and were so excited to get started with our first flip. We’ve found a property, done our due diligence, and almost at the date of going unconditional. However, we’ve had to make the big decision that it’s not adding up right and the risk is too high. So, time to change course and choose a new beginning. It’s a blow, since we are so keen to get things happening, but a great lesson learnt to do things in the right order and not be emotional about the house.

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