Hi lovely people. I’m happy that you have landed here, amass the millions of other content all up in our headspace.

I am making time to write today, it’s so easy to put the things you like to the bottom of your list when you’re busy!

I wanted to start a series that follows our house transformation and wedding planning, because I feel like we are in an unspoken race to get the house done before the big day, and the wedding planned around the missing parts of the house.

Last week, I mentioned that typically these are classed as some of the most stressful life events so my aim is just to enjoy the process.

That being said, my main aim is to get all this done on our budget and save money in every which way we can… then I can pass on these money saving tips and suggestions to you. Win Win. I’m no money expert, but I do know I hate over paying on things I can do myself. So my first question to you is this…

Are you a doer or a buyer?

This isn’t a question to judge. There are some people who enjoy getting stuck in and there are others who don’t. There are some things that are over my head and I need experts, other things I will happliy have a go at and save money in the process. So these next tips and tricks will be entirely up to your preference and time. All I know, is that these few items alone have saved us BIG MONEY!

My Top 7 Wedding Saves


Who knew this was so expensive! There are so many beautiful options and pinterest is a blessing and a curse for finding your style and ideas. Sometimes too much choice means decisions don’t get made! However, there was one trend I knew I loved…wax seals. Adding these is like the pretty candy, coloured cherry on top of your invite. But, they can be mega pricey for what they effectively are. I got a stamp, melting spoon and wax sticks for under £25. It takes a bit of time but can easily be done while you watch tv. Just be mega careful with heating the wax, have a super flat surface when you pour (I found pouring onto grease proof paper gave me even seals, that peeled off easily). There are different styles for these, some prefer to pour directly onto ribbon ties, or the envelope. Practice first.

So my 65 individual invitations and 98 favours works out at £0.15p a seal.

Centre Pieces

This is totally style dependent. So, this may not apply to your theme; however, I absolutely love decanters and glassware at the moment for centre pieces. A cluster of decorative cut glass mixed with flowers and fairy lights is the look I’m going for. As you ‘soon to be brides’ may have found out, centre pieces do not come cheap! I went on a charity shop trawl for mine. I have sourced enough glassware to create centre pieces for 10 tables and the top table for under £200.

Tip 1- Know exactly what you’re looking for, or you will end up with a bag of randomness.

Tip 2- Charity shops can be hit and miss on what they have in, leave plenty of time for this kind of search and widen the areas of shops.

Tip 3- Have your budget and quantities in mind. Money is money, you can be buying cheaply, but if you buy twice as much you’re not saving.

Tip 4- I spray painted some of mine. It totally transformed some pieces.

Tip 5- Fairy lights and LED candles. Safe and pretty, they will always look beautiful in glassware.

my inspiration from thebandboutique.co.uk


These range from a chocolate to hand carved boxes! There are just hundreds of ideas. I found pillow boxes on amazon, used my wax seals and ribbon and they rival some of the expensive styles I have seen. What you fill them with is your choice, but remember, they are a little token, not a birthday present! Mine worked out at £0.33p a box before filling. (Tags can be added and personalised with stamps for an added personal touch)


This one is not for the faint hearted. I have been on the fence about how much of this to take on myself. Flower arranging is an art form and a skill based on knowledge of flowers, seasons and care, so I have decided not to tackle my bouquet, button holes etc. But I am doing the flowers in the centre pieces and also baby breath wreaths for the church. I will say this though, shop around! I went to two florists with the same picture and got quoted double the price in one than the other. 

Bridal Wear

If you can be ahead of timings, you get more chance to choose. By this I mean, if you don’t leave it last minute, you’re not desperate time wise. I managed to get Bridesmaid dresses in the sale, flower girls outfits, pashminas, my shoes and matching bag at a snip of what you would expect to pay.

Sweet Carts

This one is simple, if you can, do it yourself. Wholesale sweets and food hygiene standard sweet jars. You may end up paying the same, but you will get more for your money and more choice. The only downside…they may be on a table and not a cute cart.


Just pass me my headset and call me Monica Geller, BUT hear me out. It is so, so easy to lose track of everything. People need varying deposits, there a lots of little spends you won’t even notice and before you know it, you have thrown your budget and money out of the window like confetti.

Even doing things yourself can be costly if you don’t track what you’ve spent.

I definitely want to hear any of your money savers or wedding hacks!

In my next post, it’s transformation day on our gorgeour bedroom on a budget!



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