How Different Would Your Life Be If You Honoured Your Own Plans?

What if?

I was listening to ‘The Life Coach School’ podcast this week and it has been on repeat since. I had already been thinking recently about the amount of content I read and listen to and asked myself the question, what would happen if I did every single thing they told me to do? Not just ‘half assed’ attempts for a week, but actually put it all into action? Then I listened to this episode and it all clicked into place. So I wanted to share my plan and what I took from it.

Honouring Your Own Plans

The title of this blog is wording from Brooke Castillo. It is a far more elegant summary of all my ‘what if’ questions. How often do you react to life, to other people’s demands and put their needs above your own? Do you get so tired that any time you could be acting on your own goals, you go into zombie tv mode? Do you put yourself at the bottom of your own list?

Honestly? During some of the most frenzied times, I found myself responding to emails before I would let myself eat my dinner. I panicked if I didn’t email back in the first 5 minutes of receiving them. I made every other person a priority and was constantly in reactive mode. There is a term for this; ‘People Pleasing’. Do you know who isn’t pleased? Me!

Reality Check

Sometimes you have to have a long hard look at what is going on and allow yourself the time to assess and think. It can be difficult to allow yourself the space to actually think and plan, but harder still, to actually plan how you will take the action, and do this consistently, every day.

The Experiment

I am going to commit to a challenge for the whole of April (with the intention of it being a lifelong change). I am not getting into ‘giving up’ for lent mode, (just as well really as we are probably half way through by now) rather, I am going to put into place all the actions I read about and actually see where I will be in a month.

What will be different if I honour all my plans? What could I genuinely accomplish?

I don’t have the intention of waking up at 4am and going to the gym every day. This isn’t what this experiment is about for me. I want to actually action what I am learning and show up for myself. Above all, I want to put my own plans and intentions at the top of the list, use my calendar to its full capacity and see what I can accomplish. I don’t think I have ever truly stuck to everything at the same time before, so I literally do not know what the outcome will be.

The Action Plan

Every Monday plan out and assign times to all my ‘to do’s’

Do every item in my calendar on time and within an allocated time period

Wake up at a set time every day and set a bed time (I am a rubbish sleeper)

Set time aside for free time and use it however I want

Be present for each task and do not allow any distractions to interfere

Do not react to the demands of others above my own calendar, plan the required action into the calendar

Do the basics well

Plan as you mean to go on…

I have my diary planned, I am on time for my day so far and have my running kit on, ready to go. Wish me luck, lets see what happens when you do everything you would love to do and what is important to you. If you want to listen to the podcast, you can find it on the life coach school podcast, episode 261.

I will let you know how I get on. I’m excited.